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1867 - the first babies

In 1867 tragedy struck the family. Susan gave birth prematurely to twin boys. The boys were born on the 27th December 1867. One of the baby boys was to only live a few hours but the other baby boy survived for about 18hours. Both the boys were buried on the property where their father worked. The is no known grave for the boys. The logest surviving twin was buried on the 30th of December 1867.
The name of the property was Barigan Station. It is also spelt Berrigan Station or BeriganStation.
Barigan Station is situated about 30kms south of Jerilderie. In 1867, the only township in the area was Jerilderie, there being no Townships of Berrigan, Finley or Oaklands in existence at the time, and so Jerilderie served as the township for the vast area of the Riverina.
The original owner of Barigan Station was William Kennedy but he sold the lease to Messrs J and H Osborne in 1865.

I have a copy of the birth and death certificates for 1 of the twins.
This is infomation taken from the  Birth certificate.
Fathers name - Thomas Hugh Barton        Mothers name - Susan Jane formally Heath
Occupation - Laborer
Age - 34                                                      Age - 26
Birthplace - Ireland                                     Birthplace - England

The Informant - Thomas H Barton, Barigan
particularsof Registration - J A Broughton, 23rd Januaty 1868, Deniliquin.

Infoamtion taken from the Death Certificate -
Cause of Death - Premature Confinemant of Mother
Medical Attedant - John Stewart
When he last saw deceased - 28th December 1867

The informant was T H Barton, Father, Barigan.
The paticulars of Registration - J A Broughton, 27th January 1868.
When and where buried - 30th December 1867, Barigan Station.
Name of witness of burial - Alexander Johnstone.

I find it odd that the infomation for the births and deaths had different dates.
Jerilderie is about 100km from Deniliquin but in those days would have beeen a fair journey.
So why was the birth registered on the 23rd of January and the deaths registered on the 27th of January....4 days later...

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